All About Paramoon Master DOL Starter

An insight into what makes Paramoon Master DOL starter the best.

A DOL starter, often referred to as an across the line starter or direct on line starter, is a technique for starting a three-phase induction motor. An induction motor is linked directly across its three-phase supply in a DOL starter, which then supplies the motor terminals with the full line voltage.


The contactor in the Paramoon Master DOL starter is designed for exceptional endurance. The coil is tropicalised and subiected to rigorous tests for countinuity, pick-up and drop-off. It also acts as undervoltage release disconnecting the suppy to motor when voltage is low. Each starter or contactor can be fitted with two auxiliary contact blocks of 1NO + 1NC each.

Thermal Overload Relay

The thermal overload relay in a motor starter protects the motor against overloads and resulting burnouts. The Paramoon Master DOL relay can be manually reset by just pressing the STOP button. The relays are ambient temperature compensated for operation between -5°C and 60° C. You can select from a wide range of relays with easily adjustable current settings. All overload relays are individually tested on an automated test bench to ensure foolproof operation.

Push Buttons

The 'START-STOP' push buttons are designed for convenient operation. The stop push can be latched in the OFF position to prevent accidental starting.


Rigorously Tested for operations without failure. Robust silver tipped contacts. Double break, bounce-free design.

Magnetic Coil

The magnetic solenoid coil is machine wound, taped;vacuum impregnated and backed; rigorously tested.